Publishing general instructions

Manuscripts submitted to the Boletín ConCiencia Colectiva must adhere to the following publication standards. The Editorial Committee reserves the right to make changes to the manuscripts received.

The work must be done in Microsoft Word (.docx) or LibreOffice (.odt) format. The document should be letter size with margins of 3cm on all four edges. The text should use Calibri font size 11 points, with single line spacing (1,0). The articles must be in English or Spanish (Intrucciones de publicación). The total body length of the text can not exceed 8000 characters including spaces (the extension does not include the title). Letters to the editor should not exceed 2,500 characters. You can freely add images, at the end of the text.

You can use the following document as a base, it already contains the format indicated above.

Plantilla Boletín ConCiencia Colectiva

Data about the autor

These are at the end of the text. Attaching photo of the author is optional, but strongly suggested. If you do, attach image to color or grayscale, minimum size 300x300 pixels. In addition, at the end of the text you should include: Full name of the author, title / function / affiliation (eg, student, doctor, researcher, etc.) and contact email.


Name of the autor
Grade or title…
Institution or affiliation

Bibliographic references

They must be presented at the end of the document, listed in the order they are mentioned in the article, identify them with Arabic number in parentheses at the end of the phrase or paragraph in which it is alluded. Maximum 10 quotes.

Its format should be the following:

A) Articles in journals: Last name and initial of the authors name. If they are less than 4, mention all authors. Otherwise, mention the 4 authors and add at the end “et al”. Limit the score to commas that separate authors from each other. Next is the full title of the article in its original language. Then the magazine in which it appeared, abbreviated according to the style used by the Index Medicus: Name of the magazine, year of publication; volume of the journal (number or month in parentheses): initial page- end page of the article.

Example: Salas P, Barrera P, González C, Zambrano P, et al. Update in urinary tract infection in pediatrics. Rev Chil Pediatr 2012; 83 (3): 269-278.

B) Articles in electronic format: Follow the same instructions described in Articles in journals. Add to the end the electronic site where the reference was obtained and the date of the consultation [said date in square brackets].

Example: Salas P, Barrera P, González C, Zambrano P, et al. Update in urinary tract infection in pediatrics. Rev Chil Pediatr 2012; 83 (3): 269-278. Disponible en: [Consultado el 18 de abril del 2017].

C) Book chapters: AChapter’s author (Last name and initial of the name), title of the chapter. In: book’s authors (following the format described for Articles), book title. Country of publication: Editorial. Edition; Year of publication. Initial pages-end pages of the chapter.

Sending the document

The work must be sent to the mail You can send a message with doubts or suggestions to the mail or through Facebook